About a few years back, nobody agreed that social media would rise to where it is now especially with the rate people are signing up on daily basis.


School children cannot believe there was a time their fathers were without phones; it sounds absurd to be without phones. Although some networks were in existence before now, with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., the usage of social media has gone so high.


There is no single moment that you would not see someone on social media, either for business or personal stuff. With this, we believe social media has come for good and we want to guide you through the ways it has affected our experiences in life; both in good and bad ways.



Quick Way Get Information

If there is any way to get information quickly in this age, it is through social media. By the time newspaper houses will finish gathering news and put it together to publish, social media has carried it. Social media always have first-class information and sometimes, they broadcast live videos before the media houses would even get to the source of the story. Just with the click of the finger, you get to know about the news in your comfort zone. There is no need of waiting to get to the newspaper stand to buy a newspaper before you know what is happening around.

It also gives access to information happening outside your country. Conventional newspaper most of the time carries only what is happening within the country but social media carries far beyond that. It also helps to get other people's opinion concerning the news because you would see what people are commenting and their views, unlike the conventional newspaper that would leave you to your own view alone.

Persistent Connection With Others

Social media has increased the rate at which people connect with each other. In the olden days, if you dialed a number and the person is not available to pick it, there is no way you can connect with the person again, so you keep on trying pending when the person is available then you can drop your message. Social media has canceled all those formalities, with it you can easily tweet, WhatsApp or send a facebook message. Better still, you can call and leave messages on the voicemail, anytime the person comes, he will retrieve the message.

Forming Of Global Village  


Before now, people have to write, go to post office to send it and wait for ages for the response to come. When you want to publish in a newspaper, you have to write and send to the editor through the post office and then wait for them to decide if they would use the news or not. With the advent of social media, it becomes a whole lot easier, instead of going to post office, one can just log in, type his news and send to any platform he wants. Blogs can easily be created and articles published in a matter of minutes and within a minute, the news is spread across the globe.

People from different continents can easily communicate and relate together as if they are within range. Social media has really turned the world into a little village and made so many things easier for the users.


Keep a Conversation Focused on a Particular Topic

Ability To Keep Focused Conversation

With the introduction of hashtags in twitter which was later extended to other social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, etc., it is now easy to keep a conversation focused on a particular topic, event or trend. This makes it easy for people to find an answer to exactly what they are looking for, without having to search for so long.

Helps In Enlarging Businesses

As a result of the whole world being turned into a global village, social media has made businesses very easy. People can easily connect from any part of the world and transact business without having to physically meet. They can interact and send their orders through social media; goods they wish to buy can be sent to them from the same source and once an agreement is reached, the business is transacted.


Anything that has good ways will definitely in one way or the other have bad ways. Below are stated some of the bad ways:

Some have abused this due to the kind of things they post online. Some expose their nudity without thinking twice while some upload some dirtiest thing that is not meant for public consumption, hence making people speak against social media. It is important to check what you want to post well before posting it. If it's not what will promote you positively, there will be no need to post it. Also check if that selfie will promote your business, if it is something that will not create any positive impact on your business, there will be no need of posting it.

Contentions Are Promoted
If there is anywhere contention is generated more it is in social media. When issues like politics, religions, and ideas that have different opinions are raised, a lot of conflicts are generated which can make people fight among themselves. You will notice a lot of attacks and negative judgments against one another.

So Much Talk With No Action
It is in social media you will witness people talking about a lot of things but when it comes to carrying it out, you will find none of them. This becomes a very bad side of social media. Some promise a lot of things, raising people's hope but practicing it becomes another ball game. Click for more information http://www.socialproof.xyz/.